Performer Application for 2021

Applications will close at 5pm on May 30.

Notes for people applying (please read them):

  • As ever, * means we really need you to fill in that field!
  • Remember - we are a small, volunteer-run, non-profit festival running on a shoe-string. We can't pay huge fees.
  • The bio you send us is what we'll publish on our website if you're successful, so be careful!
  • We'll need a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency before we can formally accept you to play at Quinty. Please try to resist the temptation to call us fascists (we aren't) or to point out to us that nobody's singing (with a small number of exceptions) has ever injured another person (we know that)! If you don't have Insurance yet, the FAA (Folk Alliance of Australia) is a great place to look.

Act Name *

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Facebook page

Description of act *
(provide a bio for our website)
Please describe act. Up to a couple of hundred words will do. Warning! We publish the bios as supplied so it's to your benefit to fix the mistakes.

Number of people in act *
(Or a good approximation).
If any of the people in your act are also members of any other acts applying for this festival please provide details:


Young Performers *
How many people in your act will be aged 16 - 25 incl. at the start of the festival? (We are actively trying to assist young performers along their musical journey.)

Picture of act *
(Please select a photo for us - a ".jpg" will be just fine, thanks. No huge files please - must be less than 1mb.)

Link(s) to sound samples
(If you don't have any sound samples online, eg your website or youtube, perhaps now would be a good time to organise some? Otherwise, and especially if you haven't played here recently, you could probably send us a cd - we'll get back to you on that.)

Public Liability Ins *
(Do you have Public Liability Insurance)
Yes, I/we have PL Ins
No, I/we don't have any yet but understand we'll have to provide proof of cover before we can be accepted.

Availability to perform
Please uncheck any times you won't be available to perform.
Fri evening
Sat morning Sat afternoon Sat evening
Sun morning Sun afternoon Sun evening

Acoustic *
Are you able to play acoustic? (without PA) All daytime gigs will be acoustic only.
No, I/we need a PA

    Rewards for playing at Quinty:
  • - we provide our performers (not family or friends) with free breakfast, lunch and dinner on sat and sun .;
  • - you can camp for free and there are toilets, and showers with hot water;
  • - performer spouse tickets for the weekend are reduced to the cost of a day ticket and kids (under 16) are free ;
  • - we'll let you play around our world-class campfires all night with an amazing array of musicians.; AND
  • - you get free advertising on our website for the year .
What else could you possibly want?

Have you played at Quinty before? If so, can you remember how often and when (approx)?
How do you feel about leading or joining in sessions on the pub verandah over the weekend? The new publican is quite keen which is excellent!
Also, please feel free to use this space to plead your case, offer us bribes or tell us anything else you think we should know - willingness to run workshops or special events, disorders, notifiable diseases, you know the sort of thing. (Please remember that we have really short attention spans.) . Oh yes, and don't even think about asking for more money!!


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